You can be more than okay

Does the concept of ever being more than okay – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – sound like a load of cheer-up crap? I can’t say I blame you. I have thought the same thing myself while drowning in my own darkness.

Self-destruction is no way to live

I had my own mindless rituals of self-destruction to cope with the challenges of not really knowing how to live. I remember the self-harming. I remember the eeriness of being emotionally numbed by medications that did me far more harm than good. I remember wrestling with the essentially human need to eat, while craving peace far more than an opinion-free meal.


I want to help

It is precisely because I remember that I am finally writing this. It is because I see the shadows in people’s faces, the pain in their bodies and the utter brokenness of health and wholeness that I am compelled to write.

I want to have coffee with you on here and give you simple practical tools and suggestions that make saying “I’m okay” more possible, without having done anything stupid. After you’ve reached “okay”, being “more than okay” may become less ridiculous of an idea.

Keeping it simple

No long scientific discussions. I know you’re too tired for that. No debates. Just some support, encouragement and a few ideas to infuse a little more hope to help you get through your day. (No, I’m not selling you anything and making overly shiny promises to change your life. That’s for the snake oil sellers, remember?)



Please comment below on which of the following you want in the next blog:

  1. Tools for overcoming frustration with health challenges of any kind
  2. A list of reasons to hope
  3. Three little actions to cross the bridge from pain to the beginning of positive change

An extra note

PS –  I have not arrived. I am not a have-it-all-together-now-and-bragging-about-it person.  Here’s the fast version run-down: My thirty-something Christian life has been sprinkled with depression, anxiety, molestation, addiction to painkillers, self-harming behavior, anger issues, struggles with appetite, digestive problems, brain fog, anemia, chronic fatigue, asthma, insomnia, fibromyalgia, nervous system damage and frequent infections.

I am a rain child, have a small build, suck at sport and science (in case you were wondering if I’m an overachiever…) and I have an imperfect family. My messy background (we all have one) is coloured with stupid mistakes. But I am no longer haunted by it all. For those of you who live in the shadows, you will get how big of a deal this can be.




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