God paid my parking ticket

So here’s a moment in my life – the one where I have not arrived at the glamorous status of having it all together. I do still have moments where I pretend, but at least I can admit it!

Money for the little things?

I had a work meeting this week at a huge mall in a location I don’t visit often and the parking is expensive. I couldn’t afford lunch or the parking. The machine said I owed 20 bucks and wouldn’t accept my card so I had to walk to the other end of the building to draw money – money I really needed for health supplements. By the time I could finally pay for my parking, I was exhausted, irritated and HANGRY.


I put my parking ticket in, and the machine pushed it back out, showing me a 0.00 balance. I checked it twice and then walked to my car with my cash in my hand, immensely thankful.

Grace for frustration, depression and mistakes

On the way home, I thought about the tensions and health issues I have been struggling with lately and how utterly frustrated I have been (despite the tools I mentioned in the previous blog!). God paid my parking ticket. God paid for my frustrations, too. In that little moment, I felt comforted and less alone. I have not been handling things well, but God knows that in my heart I truly want to do better and that is what matters.

That’s why writing this blog matters. Mistakes don’t mean that we are written off. Feeling frustrated does not mean we are failing. Depression doesn’t mean there is no hope, even though we may feel that way. Our current struggles, attitude and occasional less-than-mature behaviours don’t mean there is no grace or forgiveness.

Let God pay your parking ticket, take a breath and look up. And look for the next blog…


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